Critical Acclaim

“On this showing, Sejong is, simply, a chamber orchestra of world class.”

-Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion (London)

“The first movement [of Tchaikovsky] reminded all of us of the taste of rich pate while the end of the Waltz in second movement was done most elegantly. The Elegy gave off beautiful balance, maintaining the delicacy of overall nuance in a fluid articulation, which later made the profound half-tone opening in Finale all the more magnificent.”

-Anaclase (Paris)

“The New York-based chamber ensemble, filled with top-notch young performers… played the 1996 piece (Golijov) with a bravado and technique that it made it more entrée than appetizer.”

-Daniel Ginsberg, The Washington Post

“New York based Sejong… produce a sound which combines rich vibrancy with a clean-edged brightness and coursing freshness which recreates something of the inspiring effect of a dose of mountain air.”

-Lindsay Kemp, Gramophone

“…prodigiously accomplished ensemble… Sejong’s virtuoso soloists shone.”

-Hilary Finch, The Times (London)

“…taking the world by storm with their expert playing, upbeat image and egalitarian approach to performance.”

-Femke Colborne, Muso (UK)

“I love the variety of sounds you get. I mean, on the one hand, you get this wonderful, big string sound. There are moments when I'd swear there are 60 players here. And then there are other times when it has the tightness and the concision of a string quartet.”

- Fred Childs, host, National Public Radio's Performance Today, November 2003

“All of the musicians are renowned soloists and they come together tonight as one of the top chamber music groups in the world.”

- Paula Zahn, CNN's Paula Zahn Now

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